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Editing Bay
Our Facility counts with 6 pc based Editing Bay's, Updated with the most Recent capturing cards and Software. We also have a complete set of VTR's to print your video projects.
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Post Production
Our editing bay consists of an Apple G4 400 mhz computer, two 75 GB hard drives, Viewsonic monitor, Sony NTSC monitor, Sony Mini-DV Video Walkman, Monsoon audio speakers, Apple Final Cut Pro 2.0.
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Video Services
We can transfer you tapes in all different formats. Dv, Beta, 3/4, S-VHS and convert them all to Pal or NTSC
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Jcntv.com offers a variety of services to mass produce you programs in different formats Dvd, VHS, Cd's and Audio Cassettes.
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A full professional staff with the latest equipment, ready to make your project a final product. Starting on Pre-Production and all it contents until you make decision on the Post-Production.
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Web Development
We Build Web sites from small to personal to E-Commerce. We have different plans to suit your interest. Our Department is up to date with the latest Web Development Software for your Web Site.
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Graphic Design
Our Professional Graphic Design staff has a full range of services, from corporate image to a simple flyer design. They will work for you to create a perfect image for you and your business.
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Leased Access Airtime
. JCNTV Offers airtime in a number of States throughout the Country 24/7.
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3751 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: 619-296-1206
Fax: 619-296-4532